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Flashback, circa 1997

January 3, 2007

Darn that Egan, he’s just so darn inspirational that I have more to talk about after visiting his blog. Well, I’m going to talk about me, so maybe he’s not inspirational as much as he makes me vain.

I was at work yesterday and when writing the date, 1/2/07, it hit me that my number is up. It’s time for my 10 year high school reunion. And it made me feel old. Then I realized how funny it is that 10 years ago, I was stuck at home, waiting out a record-breaking snow storm (which, they of course, blamed on El Niño). Time goes by and nothing changes! ha ha

I won’t ever forget it. It was the first real winter we’d had since I was a kid and I was so excited to see so much snow. That is, until my mom made me go out and shovel it. We had just gotten done with Christmas vacation, went back to school for a week and then had another week off. As a student with severe senioritis, it was great. That is, until we went back to school and told us that we’d used up all of our allotted snow days for the year and we would have to make up the rest after graduation (because it happened in January, graduation announcements were already printed, and the date could not be changed) in May. I believe my reaction was, “oh hell no.” This was coming from a straight A, top of the class student whose last semester schedule was Spanish 3 (where we watched movies en español some of the time, but “Spanish” movies, like La Bamba in English more often), Peers, AP Physics (taken for elective credit — geek!), and Independent Study (in physics — geek!), so I don’t know what I was complaining about. I just knew that 13 years in school and I wasn’t coming back for an extra week as a graduation present. They ended up making some kind of law that said because we were in a state of emergency, we didn’t have to make up the days or something like that.

This year, I’m still debating on going to the reunion. I want to go because all of the people that I’m curious about I’m sure will be there since they were all class officers and stuff. But others, I already talk to on occasion, so I already know that they are all completely screwed up, just like me. But really, I’ll take any excuse to go home that I can get. You know, since family just doesn’t seem reason enough…

*Update: So in the spirit of this post, I decided to look up and see if any info was posted on the reunion and I am confused. They are looking to host a joint reunion with the two other high schools — which is okay with me since most of my close friends went to those schools — but having a reunion with your city rivals? That seems weird. Hopefully, we won’t have people lining up to moon each other or mascots getting in a fight in the middle of the room like we did back then.

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