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101 Goals.

A couple of years ago, I joined a group of photography friends in writing 101 goals to accomplish in 1001 days. I believe so strongly in setting goals that it just made sense to me. Now that it’s been a few years since that last list was written, it’s time to refresh these. My 101, in no particular order:

1. Earn a new title at work.
2. Be debt free.
3. Own a home.
4. Visit Italy.
5. See the Red Sox play with my dad.
6. Eat Maine lobster – in Maine.
7. Run a half marathon.
8. Climb 5 of the 14’ers in Colorado.
9. Go on a Mediterranean cruise.
10. Go to Fenway Park.
11. Do 100 good deeds.
12. Visit friends in Illinois.
13. Take a trip with just my mom.
14. Visit friends in Nashville.
15. Climb Macchu Picchu.
16. Learn Italian.
17. Buy a great piece of art.
18. Pay cash for a new car.
19. See a Broadway show in NY.
20. Visit San Francisco.
21. Buy a great leather jacket.
22. Visit Washington DC.
23. Upgrade my camera.
24. See the Cubs play at Wrigley.
25. Visit Montreal.
26. Find 5 new pen pals (if you’re interested, let me know)
27. Go to WPPI.
28. Visit Disneyland/Disney World with Alissa.
29. Buy baseball season tickets.
30. Learn to play tennis (again).
31. Find an amazing bedroom set.
32. Get new family portraits made.
33. Get a master’s degree.
34. Buy a new backpack.
35. Read 100 books.
36. Volunteer once a month on a Habitat site.
37. Get all my old film developed.
38. Contribute to a creative publication.
39. Visit Thailand.
40. Go to a fancy New Year’s party.
41. Mentor someone.
42. Drink wine in Napa.
43. Go to opening day at Dodger Stadium.
44. Visit Greece.
45. Read Atlas Shrugged
46. Launch The Debt Diaries.
47. Visit Bali.
48. Learn to swim.
49. Practice yoga 5 days a week.
50. Cut processed foods from my diet.
51. Buy a vintage film camera.
52. Volunteer at Alissa’s school.
53. Participate in Help-Portrait.
54. Organize recipe clippings.
55. Take pictures daily for a year. Really. I mean it.
56. Inspire change in my community.
57. Build a family tree.
58. Collect 5 new stamps in my passport.
59. Take Alissa to the symphony.
60. Go on an African safari.
61. Visit friends in San Diego.
62. Discover a new artistic outlet.
63. Write a book.
64. Build a photo wall.
65. Earn a merit on a photograph.
66. Teach someone how to knit.
67. Make something new from something old.
68. Join a blogger’s group.
69. Buy a new TV.
70. Sponsor a less fortunate kid to go to summer camp.
71. Try kayaking again.
72. Visit Alaska.
73. Take Alissa horseback riding.
74. Make a self portrait every month for a year.
75. Learn to make cheese.
76. Take a week-long camping trip.
77. Drive Route 66 end to end.
78. Donate to two dozen charities in a year.
79. Create a new piece of art each week.
80. Buy the perfect sofa.
81. Host a dinner party.
82. Visit friends in Seattle.
83. Knit my mom a sweater.
84. Spend some quality time with my brother.
85. Fulfill a dozen wishes anonymously.
86. Visit Hawaii.
87. Host Christmas.
88. Find a new volunteer opportunity.
89. Write a new blog post weekly.
90. Get a WPPI membership.
91. Surprise someone with a memorable moment.
92. Hike the Crested Butte trail.
93. Start a monthly game night with friends.
94. Host another Pin-Up shoot.
95. Throw a costume party.
96. Learn to be mindful.
97. Meditate daily.
98. Find a good dim sum place in Denver.
99. Clear the clutter from my home.
100. Send birthday cards to each of our family members (on time).
101. Hike the Grand Canyon.

Start date: March 15, 2014
End date: December 10, 2016

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  1. May 20, 2014 11:51 am

    This is great. And funny timing because I was just thinking about my 101 list. I just looked and it’s end date is this July. I have a lot to do from now until then. I’ll have to post it soon. Good luck on the list. ;)


  1. #10. Go to Fenway Park | as life flutters by...

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