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Who wants to know?

Yep, this is my blog. I share way too much personal information and it’s bitten me in the ass more than a few times. Yet I keep writing. Yes, I have issues. I have a therapist that helps me deal with many of those, but I find the blog helps too.

I started this little project in 2005 after making more than a few life changes all at once, partly as a way to keep my friends updated on how I was doing and partly to give me something to do while I was trying to pretend that I was absolutely okay with one of said life’s changes (I actually have another blog that tells all about what happened prior to 2005 that I may be nice enough to share with you one of these days. But a little bit at a time here, okay? We just met.) .

Where was I? Oh yes, this project to pass the time. Well, you know, a funny thing happened. In the midst of all my self-pity, I made a bunch of friends. Six, to be exact. Six really good friends with whom I swap Christmas cards (okay, they send me cards and I send them only a promise that I might actually send some out next year), birthday wishes, and news of engagements, divorces, new homes, babies, and all the rest of life’s milestones with. One of them I even met! The rest of them, I hope to.

This blog hasn’t always been good to me – there was a time that someone decided it would be funny to print out and deliver the contents of my blog to my ex-boyfriend. That kinda sucked. But it hasn’t kept me from writing!

I write because it’s therapeutic, it’s fun, and it gives me the opportunity to say things I otherwise might not say. I’m moody and funny and neurotic and sometimes completely unrealistic, but hey — that’s me. If my family can deal with it, so can you. I strive to please no one.