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#10. Go to Fenway Park

May 2, 2014

Dad and me atop the Green MonsterI am a huge baseball fan. HUGE. It is by far my favorite sport. As with most baseball fans, I hope to visit every baseball stadium in the country at some point. This year, I ticked off a big one.

This particular ball park is one of  my 101 goals because Fenway holds a personal spot in my heart for a few reasons. First, we share a birthday. Granted, Fenway is 67 years older than I, but it’s still cool. Secondly, that’s my dad’s hometown team. He’s always told me stories of being a teenager and getting tickets in the upper deck, since that was all he could afford. Back then, the Sox were so bad that each inning, he was able to sneak a little closer until, by the 8th inning, enough fans had lost all hope and left the park that he could grab seats in the lower deck bleachers and watch the end of the game.

When we went to Boston last month, I was able to arrange a private tour of the park for my dad, thanks to a connection I made through work. I had told my dad that I was trying to arrange it, but when we landed in Boston and I still hadn’t heard anything, we both figured it wasn’t going to happen and made other plans. Fortunately, my contact came through and we dropped everything to be at 4 Yawkey Way right on time.

My dad hadn’t been back to Fenway in decades, so this was a special treat. We were met by our fabulous tour guide, Oscar, who took us around the park, telling us a lot about the history and the team. We had the distinct fortune to be able to be there a week before opening day, so it was exciting to see all the hustle and bustle of the grounds crew getting the field ready as well as rehearsals for the ring ceremony. It was really neat being in a place that holds so much history (of course, that was true for all of Boston).

Sadly, the championship trophy was out on tour still, so we didn’t get to see that in person, but we did get to see a bunch of other awards the club has earned over the last century. It was a wonderful experience to be able to stand atop the Green Monster with my dad. He was beyond excited just to be there. Hopefully the next time we’re there, we can catch a game.

Dad and me atop the Green Monster


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