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Let’s Party

December 9, 2010

Today’s prompt wanted to know how we partied this year.

I’m a social butterfly of the highest sort. I love it when my dance card is 100% completely full and I don’t really care for quiet weekend nights at home. All that changed when I had a kid and watched my bank account dry up. But I still love to get out of the house whenever I can. I was thrilled to discover TweetUps and met a whole new crew of awesome people.

Other than that, I didn’t get out much, but I did attend two really amazing events this year, both of which impacted my life significantly.

The first was the Hats Off! Event to celebrate the jlb project making the shift to stand as its own non-profit, not one under the umbrella of a local group in town. The jlb project is an organization that was started in Flagstaff to help provide a better experience for families that have suffered the loss of a baby – either due to miscarriage, stillborn, or born with little hope to live. The jlb project provides support to families by helping them through their grief, commemorating these short lives through photographs, and bringing items to families that they otherwise may not have thought of – including hand and foot molds, keepsake boxes for locks of hair, blankets, and books for other children in the family to understand the loss.

The event was great! It was a wine tasting event at a golf course and everyone was supposed to wear hats. There were all sorts of hats – fancy hats, silly hats, plain old baseball hats. It really helped add a fun element to a pretty somber evening. At the end of the evening, the founders of the jlb project shared their story and I cried, even though I’d heard it before. Then another couple shared their story, and I cried harder. At the end of the night, we sent off balloons for the babies born and lost in our lives. I sent one off for my friend’s daughter Grace. It really was a beautiful event and I look forward to helping spread their reach farther than Arizona.

The other event I attended, just a few days later, was one of the buzz parties for CRAVE Denver, the entrepreness group that I am part of. What a fun night! What I loved most about the event, (aside from being fortunate enough not to break an ankle in four inch stilettos on a cold and icy night) was that it was not a catty estrogen-fest.

Personally, I love networking events because I love love LOVE to meet new people. But I typically find them pretty stuffy and self-promoting is all that anyone cares about. This event was not like that. It was like 50 girlfriends getting together for cocktails, laughing and having fun. Oh, and a really cute guy to teach us how to dance (again, it’s a miracle I didn’t break an ankle). I made a ton of new friends that night and I can’t wait to hang with all of these people again.

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    thank you.

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