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Gym membership: Week 1

May 15, 2010

Well, in the vain of achieving #50 on the 101 list, I joined a gym. I figured that was the likely first step of accomplishing that goal.

But I didn’t just join a gym. I joined the YMCA (ha! Now that song is gonna be stuck in your head too). In fact, I signed my whole family up. Mwa ha ha…

I’m considering modifying the goal to “Get to the gym five times a week.” I kinda like my Thursday night TV. Although re-runs will be starting soon and it won’t matter. I did go twice on Monday, so that has to count for something.

Monday, my mom and I went to a spinning class. It was our first time attempting such a workout, and I have to admit, I was scared. Of all the things I’d ever heard about spinning, I had always been afraid to try it. Which I think says something about what I have heard because even Bikram Yoga didn’t scare me, and that’s a tough workout. But spinning just sounded daunting. Fortunately, all of us in the class that day were rookies, so she went easy on us. We survived.

Tuesday, we took a yoga class in the evening. It was a little strange for me as I’ve been studying Sivananda Yoga at a local studio here in town, so this “Gentle Yoga” seemed more like the yoga class I took in college. But after cycling, it was darn hard.

Wednesday, we hit the machines, and I managed to run past the 5k point, which was encouraging. A few more weeks of training and I can look into running a 5k this summer/fall to cross #7 off the list.

Thursday is my off day, as I mentioned before.

Friday, we did spinning again. This time, with a different instructor. And it was hard. My mom actually had to stop and throw up at one point. Yikes. I sweat my little buns off, but I pushed myself. Hard. And I felt great.

I’m already looking forward to next week. And the point when I can fit into my cute khaki skirt that I had to squeeze into on my first date with Dan last summer.


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