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April 21, 2010

I’m so excited to announce a super fun clothing exchange my friend Sarah is hosting! View the original post here. She’s manning all the details, but I’m sharing so we can all join in the fun!

We are fabulously stylish women, right? Economically and environmentally conscious. Hungry for a deal. Always up for a surprise, especially when it’s done…cuuuute.

The RULES, ladies, and you need to read it ALL:

  1. For starters, to enter, become a Google follower of this blog if you aren’t already. That will guarantee that you’re receiving updates in your readers immediately–you don’t want to miss out on any bits of the fun!
  2. Find some items in your closet. Send stuff you’re willing to forever part with, but please be kind. Remember, you’re getting something “new” too, so don’t submit the junky stuff. Cute, clean, and wearable are absolutely in order.
  3. Also, keep in mind that we’ll have entries from around the country, many different sizes, tastes, etc. While you will be allowed to “shop” the items, let’s make it as fair for everyone as possible. Consider beautiful accessories, breezy dresses, and tops that can be worn fitted or not.
  4. You can trade for as many items as you bring to the table. If you send me five items, you can shop five items. No sending me one belt and walking away with 16 dresses.
  5. Take a picture of your items–preferably you wearing them so we can see the fit, style, etc. Send the picture to me at, along with a fun description of the item (including sizing and other pertinent info).
  6. I’ll analyze all submissions for entry. Don’t fret! Unless your item is not practical for the masses, you’ll be entered! You will get a confirmation email back from me including my mailing address and instructions on sending your items to me. (If you live in the Denver-metro area, I’m willing to arrange a drop-off on items instead of mailing them to me.)
  7. PLEASE NOTE: Because you’ll be able to shop items, I’ll be responsible for mailing everything back out. A $15 entry fee must come with your package to me to offset the cost of shipping (based on flat-rate shipping and box purchase). If I receive your package without the $15 entry fee, I won’t list your stuff and you can’t shop. Period.
  9. On Tuesday, May 18, I’ll post all the photos, descriptions, etc. of our little Clothes Swap Shop. Each entered shopper will receive an email notifying of the shop post. From that point on, items will be reserved and updated on a first-come, first-serve basis. If in the event I actually receive a request at the ABSOLUTE EXACT same time, I’ll come up with some little battle to determine who gets it!
  10. I’ll ship all your winnings back to you when the Clothes Swap Shop closes.
  11. If for some reason you don’t want anything, I’ll refund your $15. Also, anything leftover after the swap will be donated to charity.

If you have any other questions, feel free to email me at Spread the word, because the bigger this is, the more fun it’ll be for everyone! Let the games begin!


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