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I have very little patience for idiots

April 6, 2010

I must be getting old. I have never had much tolerance for ineptitude, but lately, it seems that people being morons makes me irritable more than usual.

Take, for example, this traffic faux pas I have witnessed FOUR times in the past week. Traffic light has green turn arrow for left turn. Traffic proceeds as it should. Green arrow yellows, then dims, indicating that cross-traffic now has right-of-way. Left turners continue to turn – several cars deep – as if they didn’t notice (or care) that traffic is coming at them. Oncoming traffic waits patiently to avoid an accident, misses light, waits for new cycle.

Or my experience taking my camera to get it cleaned and repaired for the first time. Someone used my camera at one of our church events and broke the on-camera flash. It still fires, but it doesn’t snap back into place as it’s supposed to, which is really just irritating more than anything. I explained the problem to the repair shop, they quoted parts and labor, along with a three-week wait time. Since I needed my camera before they would have it ready, I asked if I could have it cleaned, pick it up, and order the part so it would be in by the time I was able to bring the camera back in. I spoke to three different people on five occasions, explaining what I wanted to do. The last person I spoke with assured me I could do things the way I needed to without any trouble. I was less than impressed when I picked up the camera yesterday to learn that ALL of the notes on the repair, including the part that needed to be ordered, had been deleted from the computer when I asked them to hold off on the repair. So it’s back to square one. With another repair shop.

I realize in this day and age that common sense is anything but. Even so, is it too much to expect that people to use their gray matter up top?


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