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I think…I may be on to something

January 25, 2010

If you’ve followed my blog for some time, you know that one of my closest friends and I have a wee bit of a football rivalry. Mine is all in fun, but he takes it a lot more seriously. As in, when my team came back from behind to win with moments left in the game on the first game of the season, and I made a “rub it in” comment, he gave me the silent treatment for the remainder of the regular season, purely out of spite.

I stayed at his house one night last week, and when I awoke in the morning, I was covered with blankets with his team’s logo on it. He said, “how was it sleeping with the Bills last night?” He knows how totally superstitious I am and all I could say is, “good thing neither of our teams are playing in postseason.”

So I got to thinking…I am going to work on pulling the prank of the decade on him. It’ll probably take two or three years to pull together. I just hope that the Bills still suck as much by then.

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