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Job blunder

January 7, 2010

Note to self: Proofread your resume when you’re unemployed and looking for work. Seriously. I mean it. And after you’re done proofing it, have someone else proof it for you.

A few years back, when I first interviewed for the job that took two years not to get, one of the questions that came up over a lunch meeting with the regional manager was my work history, specifically, with a customer of theirs. You see, according to my resume, I started work in July of 2003 and left in December of 2003, when really, I worked there for two and a half years. Let me just say that the words, “Oh wow, that’s a major typo!” are not impressive to a regional manager you are trying to convince you are capable of the job despite a lack of “official” experience.

I realize my job history is spotty, I think the only thing I’ve had more of in the past four years are addresses, so obviously dates are not a major concern of mine so much as highlighting the skill set I have.

Even so, you’d think I would have learned my lesson, right? For the past six months, I have been submitting a resume with a date typo that makes it look like I quit a job after three months and didn’t work for another year and a half. Fabulous.

No wonder I haven’t gotten so much as an interview. Job search fail.


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