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A time for change

October 21, 2009

It’s funny how when life is moving in a positive direction, looking back on the path traveled, it’s interesting to see how far you’ve come. All of the positive change in my life recently has caused me to stop and reflect on how I got here, and think about where I’m going.

My ex-boyfriend is struggling with a few major life changes right now – first, accepting that I’ve moved on and won’t be coming back, and a new job he doesn’t know he likes. I talked to him briefly this morning as he expressed his anxiety over the changes, and all I could say was that I was available to listen, even though I could not empathize. You see, I love change. I always have.

It’s probably because change doesn’t bother me much. I actually kinda like it. I guess I like to take risks and try new things or something like that, but stagnancy has never been appealing to me.

I actually realized last night that my love for change is actually one of the reasons our relationship didn’t work. Nor did my marriage. Nor did my relationship with Kevin or Alissa’s dad. I guess with all my love for change, another change I should make is finding a guy who likes change! Anyway.

But change is good. It gives me perspective. And makes me feel good.


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