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At a crossroads

September 1, 2009

As I prepare to wind down my summer of awesomeness, I’m faced with some real adult decisions that need to be made.

I have spent the entire summer building my portfolio so that I may aptly market my photography business and continue to find steady work. Ideally, this is what I want to be doing for a living. However, as a single parent who has struggled financially for the past few years, that come with some challenges of its own. The obstacles are not insurmountable, but certainly hinder this growth I feel so strongly on the cusp of. Add to that the fact that my fall back plan has now been ruined, and I have yet to develop another.

So, if I head back to Denver in the next month, like I really want to, that leaves me needing to find a real job. Or, go back to cocktail waitressing, making decent money, but not ever seeing my kid and being left too tired to think, much less sell my services.

Or, I can suck it up and live in this tiny little room I have to share with a three year old and half a craft store, feeling 16 again and yet still paying half what I paid in rent, on almost no income, and continue to go back & forth every three weeks while building a business 600 miles away. Yep, that won’t work too well either.

Does anyone have $12,000 I can just have? That’ll pay rent for a year and I can figure out the rest…*sigh*


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