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You Lost Him at Hello

December 8, 2008

A couple of months ago, I was asked to review a book. I figured that since I seem to do that a lot on my own accord, why not now that someone who actually has something to do with the book has asked me?* I was flattered that someone actually pays attention to my opinions on such things and of course, said yes (then again, have you all ever known me to say no very often?).

You Lost Him at Hello arrived at my mailbox a month or so ago, and I couldn’t wait to get started reading it. Being a fan of other books in the “quit complaining that you’re still single because you’re going about it all the wrong way,” genre, I was looking forward to diving into this one because it stood out for me, being a woman in love with the sales profession.

You Lost Him at Hello shows ordinary gals how to date with the mentality of a salesperson. Being both a salesperson and a single woman, this book seemed written for me. Funny, though, how the know-it-all arrogance that we salespeople tend to have, I found myself reading along nodding, going, “yep, that tactic works,” and “oh yeah, I’ve succeeded with that one,” and completely missing the point. I wasn’t reading a book on how to be a better salesperson, I was reading a book on making my dating life more worthwhile.

Once I sat back and got the picture, I realized that this wasn’t a dating guide for salespeople, as the first attitude I took. Instead, Jess shows women of all walks of life — the shy ones, the boisterous ones, the clingy ones especially, that dating isn’t about grabbing on to every ounce of attention you might be lucky enough to get, but that it’s about being selective with who you spend your time with and making the dates you do go on enjoyable (while dropping the duds early enough to leave yourself open for the next guy). I have to admit that there were a few select friends who popped into mind when Jess provided her “case studies” of what-not-to-do’s. Oh yes, we all have those friends. You’d better believe that I’ll be loaning them this book.

The message of this book became really clear about halfway through the book: you don’t have to have the confidence or demeanor of a salesperson when out in the dating world, because let’s face it, we salespeople tend to get a bad wrap. However…if you can simply think of yourself as that great product that you love and want to tell everyone about and “why wouldn’t anybody want one of those?” You would simply find your dating outlook not so bleak.

Now the challenge is on: to put this all to the test and see if Ms. McCann’s theory works. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

*For the record, it’s a lot easier to write a book review when you have no intention of writing one until after you’ve read the book.


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