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Too tired to think

September 10, 2008

I am exhausted. After discovering the laundry thing, I’m wishing I had the bucks to hire a maid. I have probably almost two weeks’ worth of dishes in my sink/dishwasher and I just can’t be motivated to do it. Even though I know that some of them are probably growing some unsavory things at this point.

I’m just tired. I pulled four back-to-back doubles last week. I put in 30 hours on Friday and Saturday alone. I also got yelled at for having so much overtime (well, people, when you schedule me to work overtime, I’m going to get it). I got 3 hours of sleep Saturday night/Sunday morning because by the time I got home, I was so amped that I couldn’t sleep. And then I had to be up again in the morning to get Alissa and go to church.

As I type this, I am yawning and want to curl up in bed. But the dishes call and the TV is begging to watch some Friends. I still have reading to do and some work as well, but I think I’ll just take it easy tonight, get some rest, and pretend I’m going to do it all in the morning.


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