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Just a bridesmaid

August 11, 2008

Why is it that being a bridesmaid (and Alissa the flower girl) in my friend’s wedding this weekend has me more stressed out than my own wedding did? Or even when I was Matron of Honor in my best friend’s wedding (and live 1500 miles away)? I am bridesmaid #3 (of 3) and I am completely and totally freaking out about my friend’s wedding on Saturday.

It could be because I still have two pair of shoes to buy (with no money). And a dress to have altered (with no time). And a date? ha. I couldn’t con ANY of my guy friends to suffering the torture of sitting at the head table in exchange for free booze all night. Maybe I need to find some new guy friends.

I don’t know what it is about this wedding, but I will surely be glad when it’s over.


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