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Suckiest week ever

February 23, 2008

This week really sucked. Blew. Okay, it was just plain shitty.

It all started Sunday afternoon. My boyfriend/sweetheart/lifeline and I met after church for some lunch and to look around the neighborhood because he’s in the market for a new home closer to work with less maintenance than the one he currently owns in Stepford. We drove around a bit (we would have walked, except it was ridiculously windy and frigid), hit an open house or two, and then he decided that he was done looking at homes, he wanted to look at cars. So we swung into the nearest VW dealership and cruised the lot while Alissa played peek-a-boo behind the cars. I bragged about how well my Jetta has treated me and how I’ve never had a single problem with it, other than the door sensor on one door being faulty and needing to be repaired (so the car thinks the door is open, when in reality, it’s closed). As my toes began to turn to ice cubes, we hopped into the car again to go look at more homes in another neighborhood when two blocks later, the temperature gauge shoots from middle to high in about 15 seconds. Jinxed.

We limped the car to the dealership, not the one we were just at, but the one 15 miles away that I have always been taking my car to because I just don’t trust anyone else, and I borrow one of his cars to get home. As I drive home, I start stressing about the $400-500 this repair will likely cost me.

The next morning, I get a call from the dealer telling me that my water pump went out and that it will be $1300 for them to fix it. And, if I want that door lock replaced, that would be another $533. So I spent my morning shopping around, got two quotes from two of the other dealers in town for $900, and then frantically started calling everyone I know to see if they have a decent mechanic that can work on a VW and not charge me an arm and a leg.

About an hour later, I got the phone call that Marco and his wife had been murdered, and suddenly, my car seemed a little less important. I managed to pull myself together enough to make it to work. I picked up three extra shifts for the week to help me cover the cost of the car, and then drove my butt to the dealer to complain about his outrageous quote. After telling him politely that he was full of shit, I still only got $200 knocked off the price, and I was still waiting to hear from a few more people. Later that afternoon, a friend of Alissa’s dad’s called to say he’d do it for $550.

The next day (Tuesday), I swung into the library to get “explicit directions” to the shop for my sweetie (he has a tendency to get lost) when another car and I backed into each other. I literally have three accidents in my driving history, one deer and now two parking lot accidents. Thankfully, there was no damage to his car, but the elderly couple in the Caddy can’t say the same. Let’s just say that my sweetie wasn’t so sweet when I had to make that phone call (jinxed again, since I promised I wouldn’t let anything happen to his car and I had even planned on jokingly calling him to say I had wrecked his car).

Wednesday, I came down with the flu, but managed to work through it anyway (nice huh, I’m around people and serving food! Really though, I needed the money that badly); Thursday, my roommate told me she lied to me on Monday and she is, in fact, pregnant; and yesterday, I found out that my laptop is mostly dead. The motherboard is failing, so with any luck, I’ll be able to get the last of the files that I haven’t backed up before it 100% kicks the bucket.

I’m just glad the week is over. I can’t take anymore.


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