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February 18, 2008

I was going to blog tonight about how the water pump on my car went out yesterday (ironically enough, two blocks after driving away from a VW dealership, bragging to my SO how awesome my car was and I’ve never had any problems with it), and how I’ve spent the whole day trying to find an estimate less than $1000 (I did), but as I write this, I’m so angry about the other piece of news I received this morning:

One of my future coworkers was murdered over the weekend. And not just murdered, like “you raped my daugher, you bastard, now I’m going to kill you” (not that I justify murder of any kind), but this was the kind of totally senseless murder — someone with a short fuse and losing it over something so trivial — a neighborly dispute over petty things like parking and music. Something that could have been solved by either moving or filing court orders to rectify the situation. Although Marco was one of those guys that if you just said, “hey dude — ” and told him your problem, he would take care of it.

And so tonight I’m angry. Angry that one of the nicest people I have met recently had his life (and his wife’s as well) taken by someone in a blind fit of rage. Angry that such silly things happen in our world. Angry that two lives were taken over something so petty.

I think the angry feelings will continue to grow for a few days as I process all of it, so I am going to take a break on blogging until next week.


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