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Conversation that left me wondering how old my boyfriend really is.

February 4, 2008

Scene: The two of us, sitting on the couch, me with my hand in his back pocket, enjoying the pregame banter when, out of nowhere…

Me: Did you just fart on my hand?

Him: I couldn’t help it!

Me: Gross.

Him: It’s a normal bodily function!

Me: Gross.

Him: What? It’s natural!

Me: I am so turned off by you right now.

After this, he retreated to the bookshelf to grab the dictionary and share the definition of “fart” with me. He then looked up “flatulence” and then was bummed that “doody” wasn’t in there. He then went on a long tangent about how he needs to read the dictionary more. As though your average person just sits and peruses Webster’s on a regular basis.

He shut up when I pointed out that even his dictionary is older than I am.


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