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You gotta have faith

January 17, 2008

So many of you have been with me through so much — it started with the divorce, the move, the shock of a lifetime, the many job changes, the birth of my daughter. Most of you have only known the past three years of my life, and have watched me struggle through so much change in such a short period of time.

I’ve had my ups, my downs, and the full range in between. I’ve become what I would consider good friends with many of you, even though I’ve only met but one of you (I do hope that changes sometime in the future). There have been days that I really didn’t think that I would see it through to the better days, because I thought the stress alone would kill me. But I have had faith.

No matter how tough things have gotten, I have always had a sliver of faith that it would all be okay. That I would make it through the day to see the next, and that good times would once again find me. Sometimes my faith had to convince me that I still had any.

Even now, as I continue to struggle to get back on my feet and really run after my dreams, I have faith that I will look back and be grateful for these struggles.

After all, whatever doesn’t kill you really does make you stronger. You don’t have to be a Marine to prove that.


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