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The "L" word

January 13, 2008

I have so many random thoughts swirling around my head right now, it’s a little nutty. Or that could just be the massive sinus infection I’m suffering from.

I had a great weekend. My sweetie and I had our first social outing as a couple — we went to a dinner party at the home of a friend of his. Aside from us, the friend and his girlfriend, there were a couple other people there, and we just stayed up late, drinking wine, talking and laughing. It was just nice to do that again — it’s been so long since I’ve been in one of those relationships. I don’t think I’ve done anything like that since I was married.

We also spent a lot of time mulling over our relationship, what we both want out of it and how we both feel about it. We are still very much on the same page in that we both dig each other and we are both totally overthinking this whole relationship. I woke up yesterday morning and just realized that screw it, to hell with my fears — I would rather end up hurt in the end than wake up wishing that I would have taken the ride.

Today was his birthday — we spent it like we do most Sundays, reading the paper over coffee and watching football. Although we did venture out into the real world and watched the game from a sports bar downtown. And we had a few other little chores to do. It was just nice to celebrate a birthday with someone I care about.

So here it is folks — I’m daring to fall…


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