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Making all of the stress worth it

January 2, 2008

This fall, after shooting the party for a returning client, I stressed about completing the Asuka books she ordered, especially because she wanted them in time for Christmas. Luckily, the last two arrived the week before Christmas, and I had them delivered to her, still nervous that she might not like the designs I put together for her. I don’t know why I was stressing — this is such a fun group of people that I think I really captured how much fun they really are in these books.

I received this e-mail from her the other day that just made my day:

We received the albums and I gave them to Pete for Christmas. They were a big hit! I LOVE them! And so does Pete!

I suggested to Pete that we take these to the next party and leave them out in a display for people to look at and maybe even order one from you? But he is reluctant to do it because he does not want to get food or drink spilled on them!

But, if you have any “samples” that you use to sell them with, you might want to bring it to the party to show people. And I will show our friends as they come to our house to visit, to let them know that this is another service you offer. I am hoping that eventually some of our friends will use your services, as well! You do such a nice job! And your creativity on these albums was great! We all enjoyed looking at the neat little details and ideas you had! We love them!

And to think about all the sleepless nights I had over these suckers.


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