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She may wake up with a horse head in her bed

November 26, 2007

Before I go any farther, I need to preface my bitching with the fact that I have known my roommate for a year and a half. Never before have I seen this out of her.

Thus, adding to my previous craziness argument:

1. On Thanksgiving Day, after offering to feed her dogs before I left for my festivities and being told not to worry about it, roommate asks me to abandon my friends and come home and feed them because she was at work, then gets mad when I say no. Calls ex the next day to tell him how I neglected her dogs. He comes to take custody of them (at her request) and she’s now mad that she doesn’t have her dogs anymore.

2. She got mad at Mr. Man for coming over to visit me and not asking about her shower that has no pressure. Then she gave her very offensive, unsolicited opinion on my relationship with Mr. Man. Half of what she said was completely unfounded.

3. She can’t seem to let go of this relationship, even though the dude completely hates her. She wants to go to her ex’s work to sign some papers tomorrow “looking hot” — as if he will care — so that his coworkers will see what he left. Honey, you are so much better off without him, please keep your dignity in the meantime!

4. She ate my meatballs.

5. (added 6:49 pm on Tuesday) I completely forgot the organic milk incident. She took a cup of milk away from Alissa and poured it down the drain (along with the rest of the brand new gallon) because it smelled weird. After I explained to her why organic milk doesn’t smell like the sweet chemicals the milk people put in it to make it go bad faster, she still hasn’t offered to buy a new one. That stuff ain’t cheap.

And when her ex called her a lunatic today, she thought he was the one that was crazy!


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