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I…wanna rock and roll all night

November 19, 2007

Have you ever noticed that most of the hair band videos from the 80’s are nothing more than a montage of their live performances with a few other scenes mixed in? I don’t know if that makes them better or worse videos that what we get today.

I really think Bret Michaels went bald on top and wears extensions now. He never used to wear that bandanna, but now, you never see him without it. He’s still hot though.

I wonder how long it took those guys to do their hair. I mean, it takes me like an hour and I have half as much as most of them.

Laced edged leggings are back in — it’s only a matter of time before the spandex pants show up again too.

I heart the 80’s.

This post brought to you by watching half a day’s worth of VH1 Classic to be inspired to design an Asuka book from an 80’s theme party.


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