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The only time I’ve ever been embarrassed to be a Panther

October 8, 2007

I took Alissa and my nephew to the homecoming parade on Friday afternoon. I was quite shocked at how much things have changed in the last 10 years.

It used to be that the city would close the main drag about half a mile from the school and the parade would process down that street and back through the neighborhood and to the school, ending in a pep rally in the gym.

Now, they closed ONE LANE of that same road, leaving the band squeezing together as traffic rolls by their right side.

It used to be that each class would spend a week or two pulling together the class float, fitting in with the theme of the year, in an effort to beat out the other three classes in the contest at the end of the day. The only float that ever really sucked was the freshman float, because they(we) hadn’t quite figured it out yet.

Now, they all looked like they threw them together that morning before school — if you could even call them floats. They were nothing but a bunch of pickup trucks with the letters of what their float was supposed to be (Scrabble, Life) taped to the side. The only good float was one of the clubs — it was the “Coco Cabana.” Totally cute.

I was so disappointed in my alma mater that afternoon. It was like the spirit had been lost and no one cared anymore. When I was in high school, we bled red and black, we had our Panther Pride. Now, even the cheerleaders have no spirit. In my day, we had probably 40 or 50 cheers we did through the night; on Friday, I heard the same three the whole night. Although I was impressed how lively the crowd was at the game that night, despite the fact that they were losing 61-0 at the 4th quarter when I left.

The Navajo tacos were still good though. I haven’t had one of those in years.


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