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I’m just ready to go home

October 2, 2007

It’s funny how I chose to take this break so that I could put my life on hiatus for just a little bit, but I find that I miss it more and more every day.

I was watching the baseball game last night, and just looking at Coors Field and knowing that I was 630 miles away kind of depressed me. Although knowing that the guy I’m dating was actually there I think depressed me even more. He doesn’t even like baseball all that much.

I’m ready to go back, just because I miss “home” and things here in Flag have been a little hairy. I am trying to keep my chin up though and enjoying moments as they happen.

Last week, I went with my dad to Sedona, and enjoyed walking around Tlaquepaque (pronounced tah-lock-eh-pock-ee), which is an artist community that I have always loved wandering around, even though I couldn’t possibly afford anything.

I am looking forward to this weekend, as it is my high school homecoming week. I figured since I didn’t do the reunion, I’ll hit the parade on Friday afternoon with Alissa and my nephew and then I’ll go to the game with my friend’s brother Friday night.

On Saturday, the Tour de Fat rolls through town, which I have always wanted to attend. I think that on some level, it will give me a taste of home, since New Belgium is brewed in Fort Collins, CO.

On Sunday, I am looking forward to/dreading the annual fall picnic with my parents’ church. There are a lot of people that still attend that church that I cannot stand — one being the previous pastor’s wife, who I about decked on Sunday morning. Un-Christian, yes, but the woman is pure evil.

A week and a half more here in Flag, 5 days in Vegas, and then I’ll hit the road to head back home. I can’t wait.


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