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Oh! Organic

September 18, 2007

It isn’t easy being green, in the words of Kermit the Frog. I realized recently that it was kind of silly of me to make the efforts to recycle, reduce use of gas, and other “green” activities within my community, but not in my own body. So I’ve gone organic. Well, mostly. It’s really tough to go 100% organic without a major dietary change that I’m just not ready for yet. For now, I buy the organic alternative whenever available, even when it’s twice as expensive.

I had tried going this route once or twice before, but wasn’t so serious about it, and the cheapskate inside me always asked if it was really worth it as I chose not to pay the premium. But when changing Alissa’s diaper after serving her a tube of green Shrek Go-gurt and noticing her output was the same color as the input, it prompted me to think more seriously about all the junk that is in the food I eat — and that she eats.

I’ve been eating this way for about 3 weeks now and already, I have noticed a significant difference in the way I feel each day. I eat less, I feel more nourished, and I have a ton more energy. Oh, and I’ve lost a few of those pesky pounds I’d put on after going from a job that I was on my feet 10 out of 12 hours a day to one where I sat on my butt for 9 hours straight. It’s really made me take a step back and think about how well I’m taking care of my body. Just like the earth, I only get one, so I’d better be nice to it.


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