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Go, Go, G-O, Big Red Let’s Go!

September 18, 2007

Since I ditched out on my reunion, I decided that while I’m in town, I’m going to the Homecoming game. I’m actually quite excited about it. My high school is actually the only one in town that has its own field — well, it used to be, I haven’t checked to see if that remains the case. The rest of the games get played at the NAU Skydome. Anyway, I think it will be lots of fun, even though I will freeze my butt off. Guess I should swing by the school and see if I can buy a sweatshirt — all mine are still in storage.

I called my best friend, who went to a rival school, and asked if she would come up the following week for the game that our schools played each other, and she wholeheartedly agreed. I said that I would even go as far as to sit with her for the whole game. Then she said she would need to dig up her letter jacket. I told her I would need to reconsider. We had a good laugh and reminisced about the good times, and she brought up a moment that will stay with her forever — how they blew their rating at state because she forgot to cue the trumpet player for his solo. Well, she married him, so he tends not to let her forget.

Unfortunately, I think she may walk away from the evening with bragging rights, as my alma mater is 0-3 right now. So much for a kick-ass football team; I hope the band is still as awesome as we were in my day*.

*yes, I was a band geek, and yes I went to band camp. No, I did not play the flute.


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