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And the criticism begins…

September 15, 2007

Not even 24 hours into my stay and my mom and I have already sat down and “talked” about my life, my choices, and the outcomes of those decisions. Maybe I’m being too sensitive, but maybe it’s just the fact that no matter how well or how poorly I am doing, everything I do is subject to harsh criticism from her.

On the table last night — this job, which, while I do not have an official start date yet, is a done deal. She had to comment on how she thought I was being strung along, how I wasn’t smart to quit my other job without a start date at the new one, and why is it that I think this will be such a great job for me and good for Alissa. Obviously she hasn’t listened to a word I said over the course of the last month.

And she wonders why I never tell her anything.


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