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1959 ‘Vette

September 15, 2007

So the day hasn’t been all bad…

It was a rough morning, I was tired after having stayed up waaaaaay too late last night, and then my dad wanted to have a heart-to-heart chat, which was painful, but good.

Then I took a three hour nap in the middle of the day and figured that it was wasted. I started to drive into town to get a new brake light for my car, but never made it more than half a mile from the house — there was a classic car show being hosted at the neighborhood firehouse.

I fell in love with this Corvette — 1959 — a pretty orange-red color (original paint). I took a zillion photos of it, and even got razzed by the owner of the car next to it after I burned through my first gig of memory.

We only stayed for a short time, but it was plentiful with photo ops.


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