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In hiding

August 12, 2007

Hello InternetS…yes, I’ve sort of been in hiding the past week. Well, busy and tired more than anything, so I shouldn’t say “in hiding” because that makes it seem like something is wrong, when really, it’s more the contrary.

Although I am still waiting on this job to come through (I realize that I need to just be patient, but I am so miserable at my current job that I really just can’t stand it.), and hearing from one of my future co-workers that it took him six months to get hired on didn’t help one bit. I don’t have six months. I don’t even have six weeks before I totally lose it. The offer is there, it’s just not official yet, so I can’t give my notice or storm out flipping the bird like Jennifer Aniston in Office Space the next time my boss pushes me over the edge.

There was a small layoff this week, and the company could not have handled it more poorly. First of all, they did it on Tuesday morning. Tuesday. Then, two of the people that were let go typically come in at 6, but they waited until 8 (you know, when everyone else comes in) to parade them through the building — twice — to let them know they no longer had jobs. After that, they waited two hours before making an announcement to the rest of the office as to what was going on. This was only because someone made the HR lady privy to the fact that wild rumors were flying around the office and she might want to put a stop to it. Three days later, an announcement was made to the company, and they listed that these people had all left to “pursue other interests.” That’s what you say when people voluntarily leave; not when they get let go. All of this gave me even more reason to be glad I’m on my way out.

The rest of the week, I enjoyed getting wined and dined by some folks at the new company, as they continued to show me why I want to work for them (as if it was a tough sell), so I have been home pretty much only to sleep in about a week. In other job prospect news — I already have about half a dozen sales calls booked and we are in the works of planning a trip to one of the biggest trade shows in the industry. I still haven’t signed yet, but I will be off to a great start when it happens (hopefully this week).


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