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Trying so hard not to count the chickens

August 1, 2007

Things are still going well. I guess on the big picture level, anyway. I am still miserable at my job and wish every day that I didn’t have to go back the next. I have had a batch of “informal discussions” with a company that I was recommended to and I am hoping to see some more “official” activity on it within the next week. I really knocked their socks off over lunch last week, and the guy that wants to bring me on board is really excited about the potential we have in working together. I can only tell you that there is one other job I have ever interviewed for in my life that I wanted as badly as this one. Let me just say that I swung by this morning so we could hash out our pitch to the powers that be and I practically started drooling when I walked in the door.

Getting closer, one day at a time.


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