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July 21, 2007

I was nominated a million years ago by Heather for this award. She picked me because she thinks I am a genuinely good person. Yay, I’ve got another one fooled! I’m kidding. I like to believe I’m a good person, but this post isn’t about me. It’s about the five blog women I think are as kick-ass as the woman that nominated me.

The envelopes please ….

Kimberly — I love her for many reasons, like the fact that she’s an amazingly talented artist in so many mediums — photography included. But mostly I just love to read about her amazing relationship with her husband, Josh. If there was a magic formula on having the perfect marriage, these two have found it. They have fun, they struggle, and they just roll with it all.

Pammie — Well, Pam is my twin. I stumbled across her blog when “next blogging” two years ago, shortly after I had begun my own blog, and we quickly discovered that we have a mutual love of lip balm, mutual dislike of eggs, and we both clean the bathroom in our underwear. TMI? Sorry.

Cressida — Cressy is one of the few bloggers that I have actually met in real life — on her quest from Kentucky to California, we had a few beers at this little place that I could not tell you how to get to now if my life depended on it. Her blog is great because it’s just her, but on “paper.”

Sprizee — This woman has a love of fashion and thrift stores. Need I say more? Oh, and I still live in Seattle, vicariously through her.

Bean — I’m still trying to figure out how she balances planning a wedding and starting what sounds like it will be a pretty intense nursing program in the fall. She rocks because she’s a midwife/doula-to-be and is totally supportive of the whole natural childbirth thing, which so many people treat you like you ought to be committed for making such a choice, my own OB included.

So definitely check out these fine ladies the next time you’re blog surfing!

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