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To do’s…

July 16, 2007

Okay, so I know that I still owe Heather for tagging me on the awesome girl blogger (and I know I promised to do it like 2 weeks ago!), and I do still plan on doing it…

I know I have a pile of laundry upstairs that desperately needs hangers…

I know there’s a stack of dishes in the sink (glad I didn’t have fish tonight)…

I know I should be updating my resume and searching for a new job…

But last week, I attended the BEST seminar and now all I can think of is photography and all the things I need to do:

re-register domain name 7/17 – I can now be found at
re-design web site
order new business cards
start wedding blog check it out!
send contact info to new contacts met at seminar
follow up on outstanding quotes
finish hollywood theme party album design
get a myspace page (grumble) did that too.
register on bridalhood
register on wedding wire
hire assistant for hollywood party yay for daycare providers that are photographers too!
give sis specs for backdrop needed in sept.
set up tours at area event facilities

See? No time to pay attention to my real priorities.


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