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When bored at work, Brit humor will carry you through

July 5, 2007

The company I work for is owned by the Brits, and many times, we Yankees fail to catch their Brit humor. But I have spent the last hour of a terribly slow day enjoying the posts on our company intranet message boards. This one is, by far, my favorite (even over the guy who was trying to sell a box of chocolates that he had received as a Christmas present, and the discussion on the climate in the office):

Dear Points of view why o why o why must i pay 17p for half a cup of poo
luke warm water to put my beechams hot lemon in (at least Dick Turpin wore a
mask) here I am with a near terminal bout of manflu and having been forced at
gun point and threatened with being pistol whipped with a car ariel to come in
to work in the first place or i don’t get paid I then get charged for trying to
keep my lurgy at bay. Yes I know i can get hot water free at certain times of
day but sadly my exotic tropical disease is with me ALL the time, it doesn’t
come and go according to the “[company] arms happy hour”. Even those families that
Lenny henry goes to see off comic relief don’t have to pay for water. Maybe I
should start up SARS aid or something. The priest didn’t have a problem coming
to give me the last rites at a time that suited me so why can’t we have hot
(warm ) water when it suits us? This is NOT what I pay my licence fee for.
Yours, Disgruntled viewer (fading fast but had a good innings) P.S please can
you show the clip again where the man from sales rocks the machine to get his
crisps out and it falls on him. Me and my family laughed our inbound arses off
at that one!!


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