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Boy oh boy

June 12, 2007

Boys. Can’t live with ’em and, well, that’s it. They make me crazy. All of them.

Two years, two months and one day it’s been since the divorce was finalized. Three hundred and fifty seven days it’s been since Alissa was born. I recently decided that now is a good time to consider sticking my toe back into the dating pool. Notice I said consider. Here’s why:

Exhibit A: The dull computer boy from work. As of two weeks ago, we no longer work together. Let me just tell you how much work I am able to get done. However, he sent me pictures of his vacation. Had I not accidentally deleted them, I would be happy to share. But imagine this if you can: a dirt road, leading off into eternity, framed on either side with grass. Wait. Your picture is too interesting. Dull it down a little, will you? Yep, I got four photos of the dirt road grandma lives on. Next!

Exhibit B: The really-smart-but-mildly-interesting tech from work. He took an interest in me after a happy-hour outing two months ago. I learned of said interest from a third party who came to me telling me that “someone” had a crush on me. She might as well have brought me a note that read, “do you like me? (check one) yes. no.” Even so, we had an enjoyable dinner last week and then hit the renaissance festival this weekend. He greeted me at the front gate, decked out in a custom-made costume that was so good, it was the talk of the festival and he kept having to pose for pictures. Later conversation revealed characteristics too similar to the ex. Follow up text message received on the way home proved my point. Next!

Exhibit C: The father of my child. This one needs no explaining if you’ve read this blog for the past year and a half. Next!

Exhibit D: Nice, funny guy who works for one of my customers. Loves baseball and is compassionate toward those less fortunate. Sounds like a great guy. Was planning on joining him at the Rockies game on Sunday. Conversation today revealed that he too, has a daughter. She’s 23. Next!

I liked it better when I spent my days pining for men I couldn’t have.


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