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June 2, 2007

I didn’t think that we would accomplish such a feat, but we did it! We got out of the old place and into the new one with just three hours to spare. Aye. I have never been so stressed in my life.

Things I like about the new place:

1) It has two bedrooms. So Alissa can’t stare me down at 6 am on a Saturday anymore. Yee haw.
2) It has two bathrooms. I like to mix it up a little when I pee.
3) It has a gas stove. However, since I haven’t cooked on a gas stove since, well, since I learned how to cook almost 20 years ago, I have to re-learn, but that’s okay. My cookies will be evenly cooked from now on.
4) It has a yard. Yippee for yardage.
5) I have cool neighbors. We sat out in the front yard till 1 am drinking beer and bs’ing. I just met them yesterday when I got home from work.
6) It has a washer and dryer. Yay, no more Sunday afternoons at the laundromat! And no more hoarding quarters. Although the dryer timer is busted — the thing never moves, so it never stops. Will have to call the landlord on that one.
7) It is 3.8 miles from Alissa’s dad’s (I clocked it today when we went over there)…which will be nice if he ever decides to pull his head out of you know where and spend more time with her.
8) It’s also right next to the lake. Oh, and it’s closer to the mountains. Yay for Rocky Mountain bliss.

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