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So glad it’s almost time

May 27, 2007

I have had an unbelievably stressful month. My friend’s lease was up at the end of April, so I needed to find a new place to live. Because of the fact that I ditched out early on my last lease, I had no luck with any of the apartment complexes, so I started looking for a private landlord, even though it meant needing a much heftier deposit. If any of the landlords that I came across that mentioned they were quite particular about who they rent to and would rather keep the unit open, I didn’t bother to send back the application. On paper, I am a risky tenant. So I suppose I don’t blame the last guy for never returning my call, even after he called to find out if I could hold over where I’m at for another two weeks.

The last one on my list was a great little townhouse over in Dale’s neighborhood (coincidental, I swear!). I hesitated to even keep this one on my list as the owner was coming out from California this weekend to clean up the place and show it. As it turns out, I am moving into the cutest little townhouse with quite possibly the coolest landlord ever. She and I are a lot alike, so I really felt good about the fact that I waited. She was totally understanding of my situation and will even consider letting me buy the place if I want to.

Unfortunately, there are some repairs that need to be made, so I wasn’t able to move in this weekend as planned. So I sit here, on the laptop, staring at all of my boxes (which took me less than four hours to pack), patiently awaiting moving day. Once all of that is done, I will be a much happier person.


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