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10 months going on 10 years

April 24, 2007

I can’t believe that my daughter is going to be one in less than two months. She’s so grown up already. And her defiant attitude — well, that’s bloomed all right.

Saturday, as I worked at the computer, we had the radio playing. Alissa crawled over and turned the knob up, as she loves to do, blaring the music. I ran over and turned it back down, told her “no” and gave her some toys to play with. A moment later, same thing. The third time I turned the radio down, I watched her as she put her toys down, crawled over, put her hand on the knob and looked at me with that “whatcha gonna do?” look, and turned that knob right up. It was so hard to contain my laughter.

Aside from the impish grin behind that smile (now proudly featuring one pearly white), she’s growing up in so many other ways. She’s walking so well that I might as well just buy her a pair of track shoes. She can now pick herself up to walking without pulling up on anything else. And her sign language is getting better. We can do “all done” “bye” “hi” and “milk.” She also blows kisses, does peek-a-boo and the home alone face when I say “uh-oh!” which I love.

Watching her grow up has just been so amazing. I never knew that I could be completely enamored with another person to the point that I could be entertained by her for hours.

Tonight, as I was tossing the foam letters into her bath, she bent down and started helping me. She’s such a copycat and so smart, I love it. Now I guess I need to get serious about training my potty mouth.


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