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Close call

March 29, 2007

Our angels were watching us this morning.

Last night, we were hit with our first spring storm of the year (we typically have 2 or 3 before the end of April) and awoke to 6+ inches of snow (as if we haven’t had enough already this year) and slush.

On our way to daycare this morning, as we were coming over the fly-over at the interchange on the freeway, I caught the slush just right and went careening toward the guardrail. I knew we were going to hit it. I turned the wheel to pull out of the skid and overcorrected, careening in the other direction. I managed to pull the car back into the lane, but continued fishtailing severely. The car behind me came to a stop as he waited to see what was going to happen to us.

We should have gone over the side and onto the road below.

But our angels were watching and I was able to bring the car back into control without even hitting so much as a pothole. It took me 30 minutes to calm down once we arrived at the daycare a few minutes later and I cried halfway to work, thankful that for whatever reason, our lives were spared this morning.


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