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Glad to know someone remembers me

March 26, 2007

I had the worst day. It started with being late to a meeting whereby my boss talked to all of us like children on how to do our jobs. The high point was after figuring out how to hack into my photography e-mail despite the firewalls our company has in place preventing non-work related internet usage and receiving this e-mail:

I was browsing the internet and came across your site. Looks great your
photography is crisp and fresh!! My name is Brian Gray you covered the core
off-road park for us in Colorado. will have the last five years of
coverage up on our new site by mid summer. You have to sign in ournew forum, it
has a Photoshop help section, i am sure you could help some of the

Which is awesome for two reasons: 1) I will finally be able to use that on my portfolio again and 2) I’m flattered that he thinks I could teach someone else something in photoshop — considering I shot the whole event on film and sent him the raw images to work with, completely untouched by photoshop or the like. In fact, I suck at photoshop.


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