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Help wanted

March 19, 2007
I need a new job. Why? Because the one I have blows sucks is boring to the point of self-inflicted torture just for a little fun in the day. Is it really that bad Eunice? Well, when your totally annoying, micro managing boss is out for the day and you can’t even muster up the enthusiasm to do anything, it’s not a good sign. And when your pay is directly affected by how much you not only sell, but how much you grow your sales over prior year and you start the week off $15k in the hole and you can’t be motivated to pick up the phone, it’s not a good sign. Although let’s be honest folks, it’s not easy to get excited about these:
I never thought I would say this, but I think I have found something more boring than bags. At least with those, you could feel some sense of accomplishment when you saw them in the store. Personally, I doubt that I will ever be buying a $70,000 amplifier or a falconing beacon or a roof-top cooling unit. Yeah, didn’t think you would either.

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