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Valentine’s Day is for Losvers

February 14, 2007

I’m not really a big fan of V-day. It’s not because of any huge bitter past about being lonely or anything. I have had a number of really great Valentine’s days. Like the year that my ex took me to a really nice restaurant and I had my first ever over-$100-apiece-meal. Or the year that we drove 12 hours to surprise his parents in California, only to drive to eastern Oregon the next day. Or in second grade when we made Valentine’s mailboxes out of oatmeal containers.

I just don’t really get all that excited about it. You see, it’s kind of senseless to me, in a way. Any over-the-top romantic guestures just seem cheesy and unoriginal in the spirit of the holiday. So that cuts out getting engaged, married (although my “would have been anniversary is on Saturday), buying ridiculously expensive jewelry or unbelievably slutty clothing. But going the opposite extreme would be a major relationship faux pas. For example, buying your woman granny panties — even though she wears those the 362 days of the year that she doesn’t put on that sexy thong for you — I guar-uhn-tee you will be sleeping on the couch for a good long while.

So what do you really have left? Dinner and a movie — aka Friday night date night in the middle of the week. At least it gives me an excuse to pay a visit to Hallmark — like I need one.

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