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Can I have some privacy please?

February 5, 2007

Why is it that at the workplace, some people don’t bother to strike up a conversation with you until you’re headed into the loo*? I appreciate that you want to know how my daughter is, but how about asking me when I’m sitting at the desk, not sitting on the pot.

My favourite* is when people start talking to me when they’re still in the stall and I’m on my way out. That’s when I wash my hands and slip out mid-sentence. That’ll teach them.

*I can assure you that no actual Brits were harmed in the making of this post. We had a three-hour presentation today for our company face-lift launch and our parent company is in London, so I’ve been hearing nothing but English accents all day. As usual, my tendency to absorb accents and lingo after being exposed to them leaves me with saying things one usually only sees in Brit-chick-lit. It’s weird, I realisze, but this happens to me every time our CEO makes a presentation to the company. I need help.


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