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January 23, 2007

Okay, so I know that I’m not David Letterman, but here are the highlights from the past few days:

I still don’t have my car licensed!
So I’ve tried 4 times now to get this done so I can prove I did it before my ticket is due on the 8th. My bank keeps faxing the wrong paperwork, or fails to fax it at all. I know that I can’t get any motor vehicle transaction done in one shot, but this is getting ridiculous.

Alissa and I are finally all moved!
I am majorly sore after moving 2 apartments in as many days. We moved in to our apartment on Saturday and my friend moved out on Sunday. Try putting all of the contents of a 1200 square foot home and an 800 square foot home into 600 square feet. Throw in two crazy adults, an infant and a dog and it gets really fun. Oh, and I lived on the second floor and he on the third. Did I mention it was snowing both days? Let’s just say I have discovered muscles I didn’t even know I had.

Alissa is now 7 months old!
I can’t believe it…where has the time gone. She now “stands” on her knees (my mom so kindly informed me that normal people just call it kneeling). It’s the cutest thing ever.

Alissa’s dad sees her for the first time!
In a totally underwhelming moment, he saw her when we traded cars back the other day. I was in a foul mood, since we weren’t even close to done moving my friend out (he had barely started packing when we showed up with my stuff Saturday night) and I was sore and tired. His response, “wow, she’s a cutie!” I believe my response to that was, “uh, yeah!” Oh, and he wants to talk. Whatever that means.

It snowed!
Okay, that’s not really news, but the editor of The Rocky Mountain Post thinks it’s front-page worthy, so I figured it was worth an honorable mention.

And there’s one other big thing going on that I can’t blog about just yet, but keep standing by.


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