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Take a byte out of crime

January 10, 2007

Even though I am moderately anti-resolution, I still like to support others in their endeavors. To a point. Not only do your resolutions have to be achievable, your methods in going about them have to be reasonable.

For example: if your resolution is to lose weight, let’s try diet and exercise before scheduling the appointment for lipo.

If your resolution is to learn how to use the computer system at work, try the basic stuff first. Don’t pick the bass-ackwards project that is the epitome of “The Exception” and decide that’s when you want to learn. And certainly don’t waste my time helping you with it if I’m not a) going to make any money on it or b) getting a stiff drink afterwards.

This post is hereby dedicated to the memory of the Original Bag Lady, whom I did teach how to use a computer many years ago. She passed away a few years ago, but I will never forget the day she sent an e-mail — with an attachment — and was so proud. I don’t think my patience will allow me to undertake such a project a second time in this life.


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