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Flagstaff Public Schools Class of ’97…do I hear ’98? ’99?

January 8, 2007

This thing just gets more bizarre every day. Luckily, I avoided the whole helping plan it thing. I guess the girls hired a reunion planner to take care of it all. So, for only $89, I can experience a fine dinner at the Radisson hotel in Flagstaff, get a keepsake bio book, and reunite with all of my classmates and a bunch of people from two other schools that I don’t know. Should be fun!

Actually, I shouldn’t say it like that. Having grown up in Flagstaff, I went to elementary school with most of the kids from one high school and jr. high with most of the kids from the other, so it really makes sense that someone came up with the idea. And let me just say that upon finding out who, it doesn’t surprise me. This is the same person that suggested the tri-school dance one year and if I remember, no one really went. I know I didn’t, and I went to all the dances (and stood on the wall waiting for boys not asking me to dance, just like everyone else).

But this whole thing is still just so bizarre…I mean, even the web site that the thing is announced on is kind of lame. Yet like a moth to the flame, I am drawn. So I will fork over my $89 and check it out. Coincidentally, I’ll be in town that week anyway. If anything, it should make for a really great (or supremely dull) post.

In the meantime, I should work on the bio sheet for this booklet they are giving out, so please help me decide what my interests should be and my biography in 800 characters or less. I’m thinking that although I wasn’t the class clown, I could have a lot of fun with this.


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