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2006 in the rearview mirror

December 30, 2006

A year ago, I was driving home from Flagstaff, having spent a spectacular Christmas with my family and feeling overwhelmingingly optimistic about the coming year. I even dubbed 2006 as “The Year of Eunice.” It really has been a great year, with many highs and lows (this post will look eerily familiar to readers of Egan’s blog, because I had the same damn idea — really, I didn’t steal it from him, but I will let him believe it because it’s good for his E-go.) So here it is, my year in review:

High: I really loved my new job at the golf course because it didn’t involve selling anything that was a suffocation hazard.

Low: The job I agreed to take and the job I actually did weren’t the same thing.

Low: My great grandmother passed away this year, spinning my grandpa into a miserable wreck.

High: I finally booked a trip to Boston so I could see where my parents grew up.

Low: The rumor mill at work is spinning tall tales that I am with child, when I’ve only packed on a few pounds.

Low: Spending what would have been my 5th wedding anniversary arguing with my ex about our stupid timeshare.

High: Finding out that I was, in fact, pregnant.

Low: Feeling like an idiot for being 5 months pregnant and not knowing it because I’d been able to logically explain away all of the symptoms.

Low: Having to tell the father of my child that I was pregant, then hearing him tell me he wanted nothing to do with the baby.

Low: Maternity Clothes Shopping.

High: My mom and sister coming to visit this spring.

High: Opening day of baseball season.

Low: Not being able to enjoy a beer with my Rockies dog that day.

Really low: Getting hit on at the bar after the game.

Low: Unusually warm weather at the end of my pregnancy.

High: Celebrating another birthday. We spent it at Dave & Buster’s (which is a giant arcade place for those of you that don’t know) and I won a lot of tickets. Turns out, I’m better at skee ball when I’m pregnant.

Low: Canceling my trip to Boston because I was too pregnant to fly.

High: My parents flying in to spend time with me instead.

High: My new camera – a Nikon D-50 that I got a screaming deal on.

Low: My due date coming and going without so much as a centimeter dialation change.

High: Getting to within 5 classes of my degree while being 9 months pregnant.

Cloud 9: My beautiful daughter was born. She was 4 days late, but perfectly healthy and have I mentioned that I did it without the drugs?

High: Driving for a day to be with my sister when she had her baby.

High: Spending a month in Flagstaff with my family.

High: My very first new car. Jetta!

Low: Having to go back to work after 2 months.

High: My bitchy boss had been fired.

High: I found the world’s coolest daycare.

Low: Literally scraping together every cent I have to pay for it.

Low: Cutting off my daughter’s fingertip in an attempt to trim her nails.

High: Finally finishing my studies for my bachelor’s degree. Whew!

High/Low: Finding a new job and then discovering that it’s exactly what I expected it to be (which isn’t a good thing). At least it’s coming closer to paying the bills.

High: Getting hired for another photography job — bringing my total for the year to 7.

Low: Blogging in 30 minute increments from the library because my cable was shut off.

High: Getting the DNA test done so that Alissa’s dad would start contributing financially.

Low: Learning that it didn’t change his mind about wanting to know his daughter.

High: Cooking my first Thanksgiving without cookbooks — and having it turn out just as good as the years I did use them.

Low: Getting my first ticket. At least it wasn’t for speeding.

High: My baby’s first Christmas

Low: Getting snowed in for three days before it.

High: Spending 6 days straight with my daughter.

No matter how high the highs and how low the lows, I had a great year. My strength has undoubtedly been tested and my blessings have been plentiful. I can’t really ask for much better a year.


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