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November 15, 2006

Well, things are going from bad to worse. I finally scraped together the money to have the paternity test done so that Alissa’s dad would start kicking in some of the expenses. We got it back, and he can’t afford to help me out but a little bit each month for now — certainly not the amount that we had originally talked about. I understand that things change, but it’s no less frustrating. Not to mention that I think that the proof positive really hit him hard. I think he’s been living in denial this whole time and that’s how he got through each day — hoping that I had made a mistake or something.

As for him being a part of her life, we’re getting there. He made it as far as the front door on Sunday night. That’s the closest he’s been to her since she came out of the womb. I couldn’t convince him to come upstairs though. Oh well, I am trying. I gave him an envelope of pictures of her though. All it will take is one look I know since she’s so damn cute and all. I really hope that he does come around, and soon.

In other news, the diodes and transistors and oscilloscopes world is treating me well. I am learning the ropes and working toward being ready to build an account base by January. I would like to do it sooner, but I have to take my field trip to Ohio to complete my training before they will allow any customers to get attached at the hip.

Alissa will be 5 months — 5 months! — on Monday. I can’t even believe it. My parents will be up for her first Thanksgiving and I’m looking forward to it. Watching her learn to eat solids has been quite comical. She’s a fan of the fruits and the sweet potatoes — not so much the peas yet, and I’m definitely not a fan of the pea-poop. Gross.

I do miss blogging (I was able to sneak away for another quick minute at the library) and I miss hearing from all of you. You can always e-mail me to let me know how life is treating you, since it’s hard to fit in reading anyone’s blogs in my limited amount of time. I do hope that you’re all well and that your Thanksgivings are blessed! :)


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