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Just a quick note to let you all know I’m still alive!!

October 27, 2006

Hey everyone, thanks for the thoughts and worrying about me. You all are awesome.

I am still alive.

The new job is great, but all my favorite goofing off sites are blocked by company e-mail policy so that we, you know, work. I can’t even download the Google toolbar! (Egan, don’t get a job with my company. You wouldn’t last a day.) So that leaves blogs/emails to do at home, which normally is NOT a problem when you have Internet. Which one usually only gets when they pay the bill and since I haven’t done that (and can’t afford to), I’m left to stick with the 34 minutes I get at the Arapahoe County Library when I can get on a station. So hopefully, my first check from my new job will be enough that I can pay my balance and get service back on at home.

In happier news, Alissa is doing great. We got four month shots last week and she handled them like a pro. She is now eating rice cereal and peaches. We try peas next week. She was 12 lbs, 14 oz and almost 25 inches. She’s growing. Boy is it scary. She’s experienced her first two snow storms in the past week!

Also, my new job (aside from the Big Brother Internet thing) is awesome. I am learning soooooo much and my head is swimming, but the people I work with are so cool. Well, just the sales people. The rest of the crew are likely Tri-Lamb pledges — pocket protectors and all. But it’s fun and I’m learning a lot.

So here’s hoping I can throw up a post again in the near future and catch up on all of your blogs, but until then, I hope you are all doing well!


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