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Helping me to feel a little less inadequate

September 25, 2006

A few weeks ago, I was hired to do the photos for one of the golf tournaments that we had at the club. I was really excited to do it, and despite a most dreary day, I had a lot of fun. However, me being my usual self, once I looked at all the pictures, I thought they sucked.

I felt even worse this morning when I went to drop the photos off and the company had photos of all their previous tournaments hanging on the walls — all of them were so much better than mine. I thought for sure the client would hate them and wish that she hadn’t paid me $150 to take them.

But this morning, I got an email from her that read:

Thank you they are GREAT!!! I will definitely give you credit and
will be putting some in our annual newsletter. So I’ll put photos by and then
your info. I would also like to keep you in mind of our other events as well.

If you need a recognition letter or something of that sort, please
let me know!

Thank you again!

So that makes me feel a little better. I still think the pictures suck, therefore, you will probably not be seeing any of them.


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